Luis Luna
Piner, Sr
NBL Champion,
2nd NCS III, 5th State,
30th Nationals

Champion: Roughrider,
Scott Bauhs Sr, Stanford III,
Viking Sr., Lagoon Valley

Story about Luna

Joe Carrillo
Cloverdale, Sr
CMC Champion, 5th NCS V, 15th State


Alex Conner
Sonoma, Sr
SCL Champion, 3rd NCS III, 6th State, DeLaSalle Champion


Paul Holden
Ukiah, Jr
2nd NCS II, 3rd NBL, 28th State,
Clam Beach Champion


Efren Reyes
Piner, So
5th NBL, 41st State III,
19th NSC, Viking Fr/So. & Scott Bauhs So Champion


Jaime Silva
Piner, Jr
2nd NBL, 4th NCS III, 26th State, Rahm Champion, Viking Jr. & Scott Bauhs Jr Champion


Alexi Taylor
Cardinal Newman, Sr
2nd NCS IV, 4th NBL, 29th State,
Stanford IV Champion


Ryan Douglas
Petaluma, Jr
2nd SCL, 24th NCS III,
Rancho Cotate Champion


Harrison Luft
Maria Carrillo, Jr
8th NCS III, 10th NBL


Zekaryas Mebrahtu
Piner, Sr
12th NBL, 34th NCS III


Colin Metcalfe
Maria Carrillo, So
11th NBL, State II, 17th NCS


Kevin Poteracke
Petaluma, Jr
3rd SCL, 23rd NCS III


Jason Saler
Piner, Sr
7th NBL,
53rd State III, 26th NCS


Michael Tomasi
Santa Rosa, Sr
NCS I Champion, 6th NBL


Jack Bowlby
Cardinal Newman, Jr
7th NCS IV, 16th NBL

Christian Friday
Montgomery, So
14th NCS II, 15th NBL


Jordan Guerrero
Santa Rosa, Sr
14th NBL, 24th NCS I


Jose Mendoza
Montgomery, Sr
9th NBL

Matt Mulligan
Piner, Jr
13th NBL, 31st NCS III


Epi Nunez
Piner, Sr
8th NBL


Jax Reiff
Sonoma Academy, Jr
2nd CMC, 12th NCS V,
34th State

Coach of Year

John Litzenburg, Sonoma

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