Ryan Anderson, senior, Maria Carrillo
NBL Champion, 2nd NCS II, 14th State, won 1 tri-meet, 4th Clovis III



Colin Bartlett, senior, Maria Carrillo
12th NCS II, 8th NBL, State participant,
7th Rancho Cotate Invitational, 8th Woodbridge

Christian Friday, senior, Montgomery
5th NBL, 16th NCS II, won 1 tri-meet,
2nd Rahm, 5th Viking Opener Sr, 5th Super Septo, 7th Farmer, 8th Rancho Cotate

Nick Jensen, senior, Maria Carrillo
4th NBL, 11th NCS II, State participant, 4th Rancho Cotate

Casey Kramer, senior, Petaluma
SCL Champion, 10th NCS III, State participant,
won 3 tri-meets

Zach Price, senior, Windsor
3rd NBL, 8th NCS II, State participant, Viking Opener Sr Champion, won 2 tri-meets, 2nd Rancho Cotate, 3rd Super Septo,
4th Farmer, 7th Ram, 8th Castro Valley

Efren Reyes, senior, Piner
NCS IV Champion, 11th State, 2nd SCL,
Lagoon Valley Champion, won 5 tri-meets,
2nd Viking Opener Sr, 2nd Super Septo, 3rd Stanford IV,
3rd Rancho Cotate, 4th Bella Vista, 5th Clovis IV

Matt Salazar, sophomore, Casa Grande
26th State II, 6th NCS, 2nd NBL, Rancho Cotate Champion,
Viking Opener So Champion, Super Septo Champion,
won 5 tri-meets, 2nd Mt Sac race, 2nd Castro Valley


Owen Ljung, senior, Sonoma Valley
4th SCL, won 2 tri-meets, 10th Super Septo

Patrick Loftus, senior, Sonoma Academy
CMC Champion, 26th State V, 11th NCS,
Sonoma Academy Invitational Champion, won 2 tri-meets, 8th Viking Opener Sr

Luca Mazzanti, freshman, Santa Rosa
7th NBL, 28th NCS II, Viking Opener Fr Champion

Nicholas Rauch, junior, Casa Grande
7th NCS II, 11th NBL, State participant, 2nd Viking Opener Jr, 4th Super Septo

Brian Schulz, freshman, El Molino
3rd SCL, 5th NCS IV, 40th State, won 1 tri-meet,
2nd Viking Opener Fr, 4th Rahm, 8th Super Septo

Zac West, junior, Maria Carrillo
6th NBL, 18th NCS II, State participant, won 1 tri-meet

Griffin Wigert, senior, Casa Grande
17th NCS II, 14th NBL, State participant, 4th Viking Opener Sr


Eduardo Calderon, sophomore, Piner
9th NCS IV, 6th SCL, State participant

Adan Chavez, junior, Santa Rosa
13th NBL, 23rd NCS II, won 1 tri-meet,
3rd Viking Opener Jr, 9th Rancho Cotate, 9th Super Septo

Jake Gibbs, junior, Analy
5th SCL, 30th NCS III

Brady Lane, junior, El Molino
7th SCL, 11th NCS IV, State participant, won 1 tri-meet,
6th Rahm, 10th Viking Opener Jr

Spencer Jones, senior, Maria Carrillo
10th NBL, 31st NCS II, State participant

Zachary Nussdorfer, junior, Casa Grande
12th NBL, 19th NCS II, State participant, 5th Viking Opener Jr

Jordan Scobey, sophomore, Maria Carrillo
9th NBL, State participant, 6th Rancho Cotate


Mark Grismer, Analy
Tigers had their best SCL showing since 2004

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