Erin Thomas, senior, Mendocino
Three-time CMC Champion, 12th State V, 3rd NCS, Sonoma Academy Champion,
won 1 tri-meet, 2nd Viking Opener Sr/Jr, 9th 17-18 National Junior Olympics



Cecilia Avelar, sophomore, Maria Carrillo
3rd NBL, 6th NCS II, State participant,
5th Rancho Cotate Invitational

Shaz Breedlove, junior, Maria Carrillo
2nd NCS II, 2nd NBL, Fastest State participant,
won 1 tri-meet, 7th Clovis III

Molly Foster, senior, Analy
SCL Champion, won 3 tri-meets,
7th Viking Opener Sr/Jr, 7th Super Septo, 22nd NCS III

Alyssa Goody, sophomore, Sonoma Academy
13th State V, 2nd CMC, won 2 tri-meets, 7th Stanford V, 8th NCS,
2nd Sonoma Academy Invitational, 4th Super Septo, 9th Rancho Cotate

Madison Parratt, sophomore, Petaluma
2nd SCL, 14th NCS III, State participant, won 2 tri-meets

Saskia Vanommeren-Egberts, sophomore, Casa Grande
4th NBL, State participant, Rancho Cotate Champion,
won 2 tri-meets, 2nd Super Septo,
3rd Viking Opener F/S, 8th NCS II, 9th Mt. Sac race

Delaney White, sophomore, Santa Rosa
NBL Champion, 3rd NCS II, State participant,
won 4 tri-meets and Super Septo meet,
2nd Viking Opener F/S, 2nd Rancho Cotate, 7th Castro Valley


Carolina Avelar, sophomore, Maria Carrillo
8th NBL, 19th NCS II, State participant, 6th Rancho Cotate

Adria Barich, sophomore, Casa Grande
6th NBL, 14th NCS II, State participant,
4th Viking Opener F/S, 9th Super Septo

Emma Douch, freshman, Analy
3rd SCL, 5th Super Septo, 6th Viking Opener F/S

Andrea Gonzalez, junior, Casa Grande
9th NBL, 20th NCS II, State participant, 10th Super Septo

Hannah Haley, senior, Windsor
7th NBL, 11th NCS II,
State participant, won 1 tri-meet,
4th Farmer, 6th Viking Opener Sr/Jr

Ileana Moon, sophomore, Casa Grande
5th NBL, 22nd NCS II, State participant,
won 1 tri-meet, 5th Viking Opener F/S, 10th Rancho Cotate

Mackenzi Segraves,
senior, Maria Carrillo

10th NCS II, 10th NBL, State participant, won 1 tri-meet


Allie Ahern,
sophomore, Maria Carrillo

11th NBL, State participant

Ana Drake-Tripp, junior, Healdsburg
6th SCL, 18th NCS IV, won 1 tri-meet

Maddy Libbey, sophomore, Sonoma Valley
4th SCL, won 3 tri-meets, 8th Super Septo

Shannon Palladino, junior, Maria Carrillo
12th NBL, State participant, won 1 tri-meet, 3rd Rancho Cotate

Sam Perry, junior, Maria Carrillo
14th NBL, 25th NCS II

Paloma Romero, senior, Piner
15th NCS IV, 10th SCL, Lagoon Valley Champion,
won 3 tri-meets, 3rd Viking Opener Sr/Jr,
3rd Super Septo, 4th Rancho Cotate, 5th Bella Vista

Sarah Tomaszewski, freshman, Windsor
13th NBL, won 1 tri-meet


Greg Fogg
Maria Carrillo

NBL & NCS II Champions

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