The Redwood Empires best places by girls at the State meet this year came in the division V race were Mendocino’s Erin Thomas finished 12th and Sonoma Academy’s Alyssa Goody finished 13th.
These two passed a lot of runners to move up to those high places.
The first point that splits for the racers were taken found Thomas back in 20th at 5:50 and Goody in 27th at 5:58.
During the next section of the course was were Thomas made her big move passing ten girls to move into 10th at 13:04 with Goody passing seven herself moving to 20th in 13:19.
Thomas (#709) finished in a close 5 way battle for 9th through 12th spot as the four finished together in 19:18-19:19. Thomas Benjamin’s photo below shows the four crossing the finish line, the line is the blue strip at the feet of 298, all bunched together.

Meanwhile Goody had one of the best closing finishes of the day moving from the last split in 20th all the way to 13th in that last mile.
Here is Goody (#769) just about 2 miles into the race.

Another interesting note is that of the top 16 runners only 2nd place Jody Meads of Mammoth and Thomas are from public schools, the rest are all private school runners.
In the boys division V race I believe only the 13th & 18th places are the only public school runners in the top 34.
I believe all 22 finishing girls team were private and on the boys the top 18 were all private schools.

The town of Mammoth seems to be a hotbed for runners as past residents include
Deena (Drossin) Kastor, 2004 Olympic bronze medalist in the marathon and winner of the London Marathon in 2006.
Meb Keflezighi, 2004 Olympic silver medalist in the marathon and winner of the New York City Marathon in 2009.
Ryan Hall, runner of the fastest marathon ever by an American, 2:04:58, at the 2011 Boston Marathon.
Josh Cox, 50k US record holder.

Ryan Hall of course married Montgomery’s Sara Bei whom I believe also lived in Mammoth for a while.