Want to see a world record in the mile?
Show up at Piner High on August 6th and you just might. Meet begins at 6:30pm.

I already talked about the Skandera family dominating their age divisions at the Kenwood Footraces.

And back in Feburary I wrote about locals setting age group records on the track.

Now two of those Skandera’s have added their names to the best age group milers in the world.
5-year-old Daniel Skandera had already lowered the world record to 6:34.7 on July 9th but July 23rd he lowered it again down to 6:33.3
Daniel’s brother Nehemiah became the second family member to set the record in the mile for 10-year-olds at 5:05 at the 7/23 meet, bettering the 5:06.5 by John Lawton, also from the USA, set back in 1980.
Although Daniel does not turn 6 until November he will attempt on August sixth to not only lower his 5-year-old record but also surpass the 6-year-old record of 6:29.9 set way back in 1973 by Joe O’Connor.
The meet is the Empire Runners Club Summer Track series.

Update on age group records on the track story.
Montgomery track star Marc Tourville still has some age records.
As mentioned before he still holds the 6-year-old high jump record at 3-3.
But I missed his long jump records that still stand for 5-year-olds 10-11, and 6-year-olds 10-11 1/2.
He held records for the 50 yard dash and 100 yard dash but they are no longer kept now that meteric’s rule.
4-year-old 9.3 50yd, 18.2 100yd 1972
5-year-old 8.2 50yd, 16.5 100yd, 37.6 200m 1973
6-year-old 7.6 50yd 1974