Photos by Thomas Benjamin

The Redwood Empire has not had many boys or girls who could run the 100 at the top level. But this year’s El Molino’s Lani Gaspar and Santa Rosa’s Kirsten Carter are showing real promise this year.

Our NCS 100 Champions
Kelseyville’s James Robinson, 10.87 1990
El Molino’s Sharon Polley, 12.59 1986, 12.48 1988, 9th at State in 12.42 1987
Casa Grande’s Marcell Lawson, 10.7 1987
Piner’s Jim Burrell, 9.9 100y 1976, 9.7 100y 1977
Petaluma’s Kenneth Battaglia, 10.2 100y 1937

Montgomery’s Mel Gray was state champ but never won the NCS.