2015 The Santa Rosa Throwers and Vaulters Jamboree

The Second Annual Santa Rosa Throwers Jamboree and this year is added the Vaulters Jamboree will be conducted at Santa Rosa High School at historic Nevers Field on the high school campus.
Address: Santa Rosa High School, 1235 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. The track is accessible from Ridgway Ave south of the school.
Date: Saturday April 18
Time: 9:00 AM
Fee: $5 per athlete with a $50 cap per school.
Divisions: Throws; Boys, Girls. Varsity, Junior Varsity, Frosh /Soph.
Vaulters: Girls and Boys Varsity Only. Opening heights are 7’ and 9’6”
Awards: Custom medals for first, second, and third.
Entry deadline: Wednesday April 15 before midnight.
Entry Penalty: Meet day entries will be accepted for $7. You can replace entered athletes on meet day without penalty. Make checks out to Santa Rosa High.

Mechanics: All throwers will be given three throws. The top 8 will advance to finals for an additional three throws. All throws will be measured. No minimum standard. Some divisions of the
Vaulters will start at 7” for the girls and 9” for the boys.
Entry format: Please put your athletes on the attached excel spreadsheet along with some requested identifying information such as grade and gender. Respond to this email to enter.

Results will be posted on the snack bar for the throws and the shed near the pole vault for that event.
There will be no snack bar available for the meet. Bring your food and drinks. Nearby Mendocino Avenue has numerous eating places for your perusal. There is rumor that Paul Troppy will bring his barbecue for all of you to use with your own meat or veggie things. We are working on the pole vault barbecue. It’s not far from the throws area.

Here is the order of throwing and vaulting.
The flights for the throws will be randomly seeded for the first three throws.

Pole Vault:
9:00 AM Girls followed by boys.

Throws: Shot Ring 1
9:00 AM Varsity Girls
Followed by Varsity Boys
Frosh Soph Girls
JV Boys

9:00 AM Shot ring 2.
F/S Boys
Followed by JV Girls

9 AM Varsity Boys
Followed by
JV Boys
Varsity Girls
F/S Boys
F/S Girls
JV Girls