I have stated before that I did not like the set up for the NCS Redwood Meet, see 2010 story here, but we now find out it has been changed, but nobody knew.

Brief recap.
Old NCS Redwood
2-3 heats for running events, with all top seeds divided up evenly, so top runners are placed by time in their race rather than a head-to-head race. Top 7 fastest times go to NCS MOC.

New NCS Redwood
Fastest seeds in last race all together. Top 7 fastest times go to NCS MOC.

Each has its problems.
In the old format, the best people didn’t race together. So the NCS Redwood Champion is decided by best time regardless of factors like wind in each race.
In the new one, you have kids trying for a top 7 spot and the difference between 6-10 can sometimes be really close. With the new set up, two kids from different leagues can have near identical times but one runs in fast heat being pulled along to a great time and the other has to run in a second heat with everyone basically slower than themselves and must push the pace all by themselves to try to run a time faster than the other heat.
I think this is better than the old set up, if you know ahead of time that your league finals time determines this.
Point in case.

NBL 800 finals
This race had the fastest kids in our area. Piner’s Luis Luna, national class runner, Newman’s Alexi Taylor, has great kicking ability, Carrillo’s Dante Hay who has the fastest 800 this year at 1:56.05, plus other Piner standouts.
I didn’t see the 800 final but based on the very slow winning time of 2:01.56 by Luna I’m pretty sure it was a slow tactical race with great kicks at the end.
Now this is fine if your next meet has all 800 runners split evenly among three heats and its all about times. Same for everyone.
But now we end up with this situation.
Carrillo’s Dante Hay,11th at MOC last year as a freshman, ran 400 first at NBL then came back a short time later to qualify on in tough 800 group in 2:02.59. He has dropped the 400 for NCS Redwood but now ends up in the slower second heat.
He can still qualify to NCS MOC but his time will have to be faster than 7th in fast heat. It is also possible that he will run a very fast time all by himself and win the Championship from that heat. For those in fast heat they will be able to see his time and know they will need to beat it to place above him.

I’m sure other races will experience the same thing.

Here is the current heat set ups for Saturdays race

Event 8 Boys 800 Meter Run
Section 1 Timed Finals
1 Oscar Carson 10 Eureka 2:14.46
2 Logan Thorwaldson 12 McKinleyville 2:13.89
3 Robel Berhane 12 Montgomery 2:08.51
4 Jose Lopez 10 Arcata 2:07.12
5 Alex Yeoman 10 Arcata 2:07.50
6 Jon Merrill 12 McKinleyville 2:13.04
7 Reed Kenny 11 McKinleyville 2:14.16
Section 2 Timed Finals
1 Paul Malti 12 C. Newman 2:04.78
2 Zekaryas Mebrahtu 12 Piner 2:03.46
3 zac price 10 Windsor 2:03.08
4 Dante Hay 10 Maria Carrillo 2:02.59
5 kaenan kron 11 Petaluma 2:02.68
6 Joey Morris 11 San Rafael 2:03.23
7 Christian Nazarek 11 Santa Rosa 2:04.28
8 Brody Barkan 9 Sir Francis 2:06.75
Section 3 Timed Finals
1 ryan douglas 11 Petaluma 2:01.77
2 Tommy Warfel 11 Redwood 2:01.17
3 Anthony Menicutch 12 Novato 2:00.49
4 chris tose 12 Sonoma 1:59.94
5 matthew cogorno 12 Windsor 2:00.07
6 conor johnston 11 Sonoma 2:00.73
7 Jose Ordonez 11 San Rafael 2:01.17
8 Epi Nunez 12 Piner 2:02.40

All other events here

NBL Finals times
Section 1 Finals
1 Bryan Nunez 12 Cardinal New 50.00
2 Dante Hay 10 Maria Carril 50.75
3 Dontae Garcia 11 Maria Carril 51.04
4 Herbie Polk 11 Maria Carril 51.20
5 Brian Houston 11 Montgomery 53.17
6 Justin Beach 11 Cardinal New 53.87
7 Tucker Sprinkle 12 Rancho Cotat 56.43
Boys 800 Meter Run Varsity
1 Luis Luna 12 Piner 2:01.56
2 Alexi Taylor 12 Cardinal New 2:02.02
3 Epi Nunez 12 Piner 2:02.40
4 Dante Hay 10 Maria Carril 2:02.59
5 Zekaryas Mebrahtu 12 Piner 2:03.46
6 Christian Nazarek 11 Santa Rosa 2:04.28
Prep Bests
1:56.05 Dante Hay, 10, Maria Carrillo
1:56.46 Luis Luna, 12, Piner
1:58.04 Epi Nunez, 12, Piner
1:58.74 Alexi Taylor, 12, Cardinal Newman
2:00.74 Matthew Cogorno, 12, Windsor
2:01.37 Zebaryas Mebrahtu, 12, Piner
2:01.64+ Ryan Douglas, 11, Petaluma
2:02.14 Zach Price, Windsor

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