Complete Lists

Overall Top 5 Boys
4) Maria Carrillo Division II

Division I Boys (Teams) 2 qualify to state
3) Santa Rosa

Division I Boys (Individuals)
1) Daniel Pride Santa Rosa
3) Luca Mazzanti Santa Rosa

Division I Girls (Teams) 2 qualify to state
5) Santa Rosa

Division I Girls (Individuals)
4) Delaney White Santa Rosa

Division II Boys (Teams) 3 qualify to state
2) Maria Carrillo

Division II Boys (Individuals)
5) Carson Kimball Maria Carrillo

Division II Girls (Teams) 3 qualify to state
3) Maria Carrillo

Division II Girls (Individuals)
4) Adria Barich Casa Grande

Division III Boys (Teams) 4 qualify to state
3) Piner
4) Petaluma

Division III Girls (Individuals)
4) Cynthia Rosales Piner

Division IV Boys (Individuals)
1) Brian Schulz El Molino

Division IV Girls (Teams) 4 qualify to state
4) Cardinal Newman

Division IV Girls (Individuals)
4) Kasey Braun Cardinal Newman

Division V Boys (Teams) 5 qualify to state
5) Sonoma Academy

Division V Girls (Teams) 6 qualify to state
6) Sonoma Academy/Urban

Division V Girls (Individuals)
3) Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy

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