Two years ago, see story here when Rylee Bowen was an 8th grader she won the Bronco Invitational in Santa Clara.
This year her 8th grade sister Kate was only third, ha ha, against the collegians but her time was almost 17 seconds faster for the 6k race, 21:58.3 to 22:15.1 than Rylee’s.
Complete Results
Kate’s pace for the 6k would have had her passing the 5k mark at 18:19, a time only 16 Empire high schoolers have ever run.
Only two girls this year have bettered that, Rylee and Delaney White.

Santa Rosa JC and Sonoma State were also in the race with SRJC’s Erica Ruiz in 6th at 22:15.2, SRJC’s Ana Drake-Tripp 65th 24:46.3 and SSU’s Breanne Brett 67th 24:51.0 leading our college runners.

Fastest HS 5k’s
16:25 Amber Trotter Ukiah 2001 Disney World, Florida 5:17 Mile Pace
16:42 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1994 Balboa Park, San Diego 5:23
16:55 Sara Bei, Montgomery 2000 Disney World, Florida 5:27
17:26 Sarah Sumpter, Healdsburg 2007 Woodward Park, Fresno
17:29 Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 2009 Woodward Park, Fresno
17:29 Julie Nacouzi, Montgomery 2009 Woodward Park, Fresno
17:41 Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 2014 Jr. Olympic South Carolina
17:42 Phyllis Blanchard, Rancho Cotate 2003 Woodward Park, Fresno
17:46 Trina Cox, Santa Rosa 1998 Woodward Park, Fresno
17:52 Jenny Aldridge, Maria Carrillo 1999 Stanford

17:53 Kim Conley, Montgomery 2003 Woodward Park, Fresno
17:57 Delaney White, Santa Rosa 2015 Stanford
18:00 Kathy Dalton, Sonoma Valley 1986 Spring Lake
18:04 Nicole Lane, El Molino 2011 Woodward Park, Fresno
18:14 Sherri Minkler, Analy 1984 Woodward Park, Fresno
18:15 Isabel Andrade, Petaluma 2008 Woodward Park, Fresno
18:24 Kathy Forse, Santa Rosa 1986 Spring Lake
18:25 Cynthia Rosales, Piner 2015 Stanford
18:28 Lauren Kraus, Maria Carrillo 2010 Woodward Park, Fresno
18:29 Brittny Escamilla, El Molino 2006 Woodward Park, Fresno

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