On Wednesday the freshman girls on Santa Rosa’s team helped do something that had not been done since they were about one year old themselves.
The Santa Rosa girls team outscored Maria Carrillo in an NBL league meet, something that had not been done in a league non-championship meet since October 23, 2002 when the Vikings last did it with a score of Montgomery 23, Maria Carrillo 36, Ursuline 68.
Yesterdays meet saw a new format that contributed to the scoring.
NBL begins new format for league meets
With all 8 NBL schools scoring in this meet, Santa Rosa came out the winners by the smallest of margins scoring 38 points to Carrillo’s 39.
Interestingly had the two teams runners finished in the order they did and it was just a dual meet, the win would have gone to Carrillo 27-28.
Either way these are two great teams, that should both do really well in the post season.
Congrats to the Panthers on taking the early lead in the NBL and to the Puma’s for a 13 year streak that no one now can beat until at least the year 2028.

Here is a story from a couple of years ago about the streak.
Maria Carrillo Girls Stayin’ Alive

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