Nicole Lane
El Molino, Sr
NCS IV Champion, 7th State, SCL Champion

Champion: Clovis, Baugh,
Viking Sr/Jr, Ed Sias

Story about Nicole Lane

Kyra Johnson
Piner, Sr
NBL Champion, 7th NCS III, 62nd State

Lauren Kraus
Maria Carrillo, Jr
2nd NBL, 4th NCS II,
95th State

Katy Lee
Sonoma Academy, Jr
8th NCS V, 21st State, 2nd CMC

Ashley Moffett
Casa Grande, Jr
2nd NCS II, 58th State, 2nd SCL,
Mariner Champion

Andrea Natoli
Maria Carrillo, Fr
3rd NBL, 3rd NCS II, 38th State, Viking Fr/So. Champ

Brynna Thigpen
Maria Carrillo, Jr
4th NBL, 8th NCS II, 48th State



Chloe Hall
Casa Grande, Jr
6th SCL, 10th NCS II

Melissa Hansen
Rancho Cotate, Sr
7th NBL, 26th NCS III,
Mariner Sr/Jr Champion

Sadia Ibrahim
Santa Rosa, Jr
6th NBL, 25th NCS I

Dezirae Johnson
Piner, Sr
5th NBL, 15th NCS III

Amber Peirsol
Windsor, Sr
5th SCL, 13th NCS II

Alexandra Sciocchetti
Fort Bragg, Sr
3rd NCS IV, 50th State, 3rd CMC

Victoria Tomaszewski
Windsor, So,
3rd SCL, 11th NCS II,
92nd State


Molly Foster
Analy, So
7th SCL, 32nd NCS III


Andrea Gonzalez,
Casa Grande, Fr
10th SCL, 21st NCS II


Taylor Graham
Maria Carrillo, Sr
9th NBL, 26th NCS II


Eva Herbst
Santa Rosa, Sr
11th NBL, 28th NCS I


Francesca Honey
Petaluma, Sr
9th SCL, 22nd NCS III


Jessica Ohanlon
Petaluma, Fr
4th SCL


Erin Thomas
Mendocino, So
CMC Champion, 28th NCS V


Coach of Year
Luis Rosales, Piner

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