Sara “Bei” Hall finished 5th (33:29) in the 2013 USA 10 km Championships.
44th Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, Ga.
Top 10

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Update by Danika “Nika Horn” Bowen on her daughter Rylee
We just got back from USA Track Nationals in St. Louis and Rylee had another good year. She won the 1500 in the Girls 13-14 age group and placed second in the 3000. The times were not exceptionally fast because of the crazy conditions out in the Midwest. She ran 4:48 in the 1500 and there was a crazy cat/mouse game going on in the 3000 so they finished in 10:36 and lost my less than a second. Both she and the winner were trying to avoid taking the lead in the windstorm and at a couple points they almost stopped to try and force the hand of the other. The 1500 was won by leading from lap one to the finish. Ry went out in a 1:08 first lap and then just broke apart the field.

She’s run 10:09 in the 3000, 4:44 in the 1500, and 17:57 in the 5000 this year.

Her next event is in Detroit in July 31 – August 3th for AAU USA Nationals. She has already run the qualifying rounds so I know that she will be attending. On August 4th, she is competing in the USA Triathlon Nationals in West Chester, Ohio so it should be interesting to see her switch gears.

Official Results
1500 Meter Run 13-14 Girls
1 Bowen, Rylee 99 Unattached 4:48.45
50.781 (50.781) 2:08.644 (1:17.863) 3:30.684 (1:22.041)
4:48.442 (1:17.758)

2 Cary, Samantha 00 St Charles C 4:58.55
50.938 (50.938) 2:09.148 (1:18.211) 3:32.955 (1:23.807)
4:58.542 (1:25.588)

3 Milburn, Emma 99 Waukegan Invaders 5:06.74
52.012 (52.012) 2:15.338 (1:23.326) 3:44.455 (1:29.117)
5:06.736 (1:22.281)

3000 Meter Run 13-14 Girls
1 Bounds, Julia 99 Oak Hill Racing 10:35.67
2 Bowen, Rylee 99 Unattached 10:36.53
3 Cary, Samantha 00 St Charles C 11:13.74

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