VIDEO of Andrew Kozel’s 400m 49.18 race, lane 6

At the Santa Rosa Twilight meet the Maria Carrillo 400 meter relay team kicked of the Invitational portion of the meet with the number six performance of All-Time (42.98).

conver. actual
42.59 42.6y Montgomery 4/22/67 Wes Dickison, Joe Stender, Ken Graham, Mel Gray
42.59 42.6y Cardinal Newman 5/20/71 Perry Grogans, Dan Randolph, Jim Wilkey, Bill Price
42.84 Santa Rosa 2003 Marshall Olin, Kyle Schmaus, Hollywood Radford, Michael Caruso
42.89 42.9y Cardinal Newman 4/10/71 Perry Grogans, Jim Wilkey, Bill Price, Dan Randolph
42.93 Healdsburg 2008 Phil Lucid, Jose Barajas, Eric Arneson, Dante Fountain
42.98 Maria Carrillo 2013 H. Polk, J. Gonzalez, D. Garcia, D. Galindo
42.99 43.0y Petaluma 1970
42.99 43.0y C. Newman 5/19/73 J. Faller, Gil Procter, Curtis Byrd, Dan Randolph

Here are the members of that 400 relay team.
L-R Herbie Polk, Julian Gonzalez, Dontae Garcia, Darian Galindo

Here are a couple of photos I took of family record holders.
See story here

Mother/Daughter throwing record holders:
Alycia Yacoboski Durand (30-4½, 122-2 RC) and Kathleen Durand (36-6, 133-1 MC)

Husband/Wife discus record holders: are Joe Durand (147-9 RC) shown here with daughter Kathleen and his wife Alycia Yacoboski Durand (122-2 RC), shown in photo above.

The bouncing sprinters

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