Complete Results

Here are the results of the Aggie open yesterday Featuring SRJC athletes and a few Redwood Empire Natives (Sarah Sumpter, Jacque Taylor, Siobhan Anderson, Danielle Steffen to name a few) competing for 4-year universities.

Photos by Shawn Sumpter

Sarah Sumpter, UC Davis (Healdsburg HS), 2nd 5,000m 16:33.66

Nicole Lane, UC Davis (El Molino HS), 12th heat#1 1,500m, 14th overall 4:58.73

Jacque Taylor, Sacramento State (Casa Grande HS), 5th heat#2 1,500m, 19th overall 5:02.82

Ali Van Zandt, SRJC (Rincon Valley Christian HS), 13th section#2 3,000m, 28th overall 12:16.20 , Kelly Birkland (hip#20), SRJC (Maria Carrillo HS), 14th section#2 3,000m, 29th overall 12:17.38, and Tori Dwyer, SRJC (Sonoma Valley HS), 15th section#2 3,000m, 30th overal 12:24.44

Alex Wolf-Root, SRJC (Maria Carrillo HS), 2nd 5,000m 15:20.95

Zekaryas Mehbrahtu (hip#20), SRJC (Piner HS), 20th section#2 3,000m, 36th overall 9:29.27 and Jesse Fenn (hip#22), SRJC (home-schooled), 17th section#2 3,000m, 33rd overall 9:22.33

16Kelley, MichelleSanta Rosa12:37.68
8Halpin, AtalieSanta Rosa8:21.79 2k st
2Steffen, DanielleUC Davis 11-05.75
5Anderson, SiobhanUC Davis 10-11.75
8Farrar, ArielSanta Rosa3.05m10-0
9Seiger, MalissaSanta Rosa8.23m27-00
5Villegas, DaiseySanta Rosa25.15m82-06
7Seiger, MalissaSanta Rosa24.55m80-06

4Valencia, WilberSanta Rosa11.57
2James, KeithSanta Rosa11.72
3Nunez, BryanSanta Rosa22.48
7Etienne, JacksonSanta Rosa23.80
7Valencia, WilberSanta Rosa23.61
4Nunez, BryanSanta Rosa50.28
7Etienne, JacksonSanta Rosa55.08
4Runge, ConnorSanta Rosa56.89
6Garcia, JaimeSanta Rosa59.11
1Gutierrez, JaimeSanta Rosa2:13.42
10Wolf-Root, AlexSanta Rosa4:14.50
6Fenn, JesseSanta Rosa4:23.13
9Mebrahtu, ZekaryasSanta Rosa4:24.53
14Gutierrez, JaimeSanta Rosa4:44.62
11Wedell, StevenSanta Rosa7:36.64, 2k st
11Garcia, JaimeSanta RosaJ1.68m5-06
14Okumo, RoboSanta RosaJ3.67m12-00.50
8Randolph, GarySanta Rosa14.38m47-02.25
8Randolph, GarySanta Rosa42.43m139-02 dt