Although the video looks older because of black and white film I’m guessing these clips are from the early 80’s when Bubka would have been in his early 20’s.

Watch Pole Vault Drills of the Greats here

Only 18 men have ever cleared 6 meters (19-8).
Five are from the Soviet Union, four from United States.

Shown in this video are Sergey Bubka and Igor Trandenkov.

Sergey Bubka
He represented the Soviet Union until its dissolution in 1991, was repeatedly voted the world’s best athlete.
Bubka won six consecutive World Championships, an Olympics gold and broke the world record for men’s pole vaulting 35 time (17 outdoor and 18 indoor records). He was the first to clear 6.0 metres and the only (as of July 2012) to clear 6.10 metres (20 ft)
He holds the current outdoor world record of 20 feet 1 3⁄4 inches, set July 1994 and indoor at 20-2.
Bubka holds the 9 highest vaults ever outdoors.

Igor Trandenkov
Russian pole vaulter best known for winning two Olympic silver medals. Best 6.01 m (19 ft 8½ in)