Piner’s Kyra Johnson earned Redwood Empire’s Runner of the Year in track last year and has kept blazing new trials since then.
Now, as a Senior, she took on cross country in the fall and was the NBL Champion, 7th NCS III and 62nd at State.

Her track bests are listed below which demonstrate an incredible range but notice the last, Long Jump.

At a dual meet yesterday Kyra decided to add the long jump to her list. On her second jump she soared 17 feet one inch to break one of the oldest school records in girls track. That mark was from 1977 by Stephanie Jorgensen at 17-0½. It also moves her to 30th All-Time in the Empire.

Below is a beautiful sequence of the 17-1 jump by Thomas Benjamin.

Kyra Johnson’s Personal Bests
100 13.14
200 27.31
400 58.68
800 2:26.40
100HH 16.08
300LH 43.32, placed 7th in State 2011
400LH 66.92
LJ 17-1

As a side note if you think no other girl has had as strange a combination as league cross country champion, great sprinter and great jumper I’m reminded of a girl from my Montgomery high team named Deanne Neff.
Deanne was NBL cross country champion, ran what was equal to a 58.40 400m, long jumped 18-0 and her best event was the high jump were she jumped 5-6, was NCS MOC champion and placed 8th at State. The hurdles that Kyra runs now were not held in high school back in 1978, but Deanne, for Sonoma State, ran 14.74 100HH and 61.66 400LH.