Track & Field allows for world records to be recorded in a single race at multiple distance as long as official times are taken at each distance and Daniel Skandera took full advantage of that at the Empire Runners All-Comers meet June 9th.
Those who read this blog know that Daniel has been rewriting the age group record book the last couple of years, along with his sisters.
In this latest meet Daniel ran the mile distance and finished in 5:20.3.
That time not only broke the 7 year old age group record but was faster than the 8 year old record and came within a second of the 9 year old mark set back in 1979.
Timers clocked him at 3:18.8 at the 1,000 meter mark along the way and at 5:00.2 at the 1500m mark setting records for both 7 & 8 year olds for the 1500 and the 7 year old mark at 1000m.

Not to be left out his older sister Sarah Skandera raced over 2 miles and took down the record for 10 year old girls clocking 11:50.3.
That time would be one of the best for this area for what our high school girls are doing.
The time is equal to 11:46.42 for 3200m. Below is the 2015 Empire bests for High school.

10:29.61 Rylee Bowen, 9, Sonoma Academy, CMC leader; 4/11 Arcadia
10:58.42 Delaney White, 11, Santa Rosa, NBL leader; 5/30 NCS MOC
11:17.03 Shaz Breedlove, 12, Maria Carrillo; 5/30 NCS MOC
11:35.26* Alyssa Goody, 11, Sonoma Academy; 11/14/14 Postal 11:39.31y
11:41.29 Madison Parrett, 11, Petaluma, SCL leader; 5/23 NCS Redwood
11:46.18 Andrea Gonzalez, 12, Casa Grande; 5/23 NCS Redwood
11:51.03 Emma Moon, 10, Casa Grande; 5/15 NBL
11:52.80 Sydnie Rivas, 9, Maria Carrillo; 5/15 NBL
11:53.94+ Shannon Palladino, 12, Maria Carrillo; 5/6 mc

Age group records here