I now have more complete results from the PAC Championships which shows more than just Daniel Skandera’s world record.

Most know that Rylee Bowen has two younger sisters running and they are on the same pace as she is.
At the PAC Championships both 8 year old Taylin and 14 year old Kate took third in their 1500m races.

In the 7-8 Girls division Taylin was 3rd in 5:51.80 while in the 13-14 Girls division Kate ran 4:51.34.

Kate is just finishing up 7th grade so will not be in any high school races with her sister until 2016/17 but is running times with our All-Time high school elites.

Rylee as an 8th grader ran a 1500 in 4:41.19. Saturday she ran 4:43.92 for 1600m.
Kate again just ran 4:51.34 as a 7th grader. Kate needs to improve just 1.5 seconds to pass mom.

Her is the top 10 All-Time High School list.
4:23.94+ Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1996
4:30.24+ Sara Bei, Montgomery 1999
4:38.24+ Lori Shanoff, Petaluma 1981
4:45.64+ Kerri Woolheater, Casa Grande 1992
4:47.34+ Trina Cox, Santa Rosa 1996
4:49.24+ Ann Bettucci, Petaluma 1981
4:49.84+ Nika Horn, Santa Rosa 1992, Bowen girls mom
4:50.94+ Dana Flint, Ukiah 1981
4:51.54+ Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 2008
4:51.46 Kelly Rogers, Healdsburg 2001

Here is a photo I’ve used before by Thomas Benjamin of Danika “Nika Horn” Bowen and her blonde girls and Julia “Stamps” Mallon with her brunette girls.