25th Annual Viking Track Classic Entry Information
Meet Date: Saturday, April 26, 2014
Meet Site: Montgomery High School, 1250 Hahman Drive, Santa Rosa
Meet Time: First Event at 8:35 a.m. Last Event at 4:30 p.m.
Meet Website: vikingtrackclassic.com
Please email Josh Dorris jadorris@gmail.com or Alena Cook acook@srcs.k12.ca.us for more information
HOW TO ENTER (Entry dead line is Sunday April 20th at 11:59pm )
Entries for this meet are accepted only through http://Directathletics.com. Please follow the below instructions to enter your athletes:
1. Go to http://Directathletics.com
2. Create an account or log-in
3. Search for “25th Annual Viking Track Classic” and add to your Direct Athletics calendar
4. If you already have an account, you will need to update your roster under the “Team” tab.
5. If you’re a new user, you’ll need to add your roster under the “Team” tab.
6. If you use Team Manager (Highly recommend you purchase a copy), you can upload automatically.
7. Once your roster is updated, navigate to the 25th Annual Viking Track Classic or CLICK HERE.
8. Click the green “Register” button.
9. Use the drop down menus at the top to select a gender.
10. Once gender is selected, chose the athlete from the drop down menu and click events the athlete will be competing in and enter their entry mark.
11. When all entry marks are input, click “Update”.
12. For relays, select the event from the drop down menu.
13. Click the “Squad” (A-D) you are entering.
14. Select the four athletes that will be competing in the relay. We will not be checking names of relay individuals on meet day, but Direct Athletes requires a minimum of 4 athletes.
15. Click “Update”

Send entry fee check (payable to MHS Track) to:
Alena Cook
1250 Hahman Dr.
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Event List and Entry Fees
There is a maximum fee of $250 per school. For those paying less than the maximum the fees are as follows:
Each Relay Team: $10
Each Varsity or Varsity Event: $5 per entrant
Each Open Event: $5 per entrant
Coach/Open 3200m: No charge. Limited to public, parents and coaches only. $5 gate/entry fee is required.
Entering Athlete’s Marks
If you have an FAT time, please enter two decimal places (EX: 54.22). If it’s a hand time, please don’t include decimals (EX: 54). Enter measured events with a foot, inch and decimal if needed (EX: 32’4” or 32’ or 32’4.75”)
Entry Rules
– Athletes can be entered in one event as open and another as varsity. For example, a 10th-grade boy can run the Open 100 and compete in the Varsity Boys Long Jump.
– Athletes can compete in a maximum of four events, which includes relays.
– Schools are limited to three entries in each Varsity event. We do make exceptions to this rule. Arrangements can be made to me via email before the entry deadline. Excessive requests will be denied or ignored (i.e. don’t abuse it) Email Me
– Events listed as Open are unlimited entries and open to any athlete.
– Each school will be allowed to enter three teams in each Varsity relay division.
– Substitutions for teammates will be allowed on meet day. Additions will not be allowed.

2014 25th Annual Viking Track Classic
Important Meet Information

Field Events Check-In
Check in at the event site 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the event. If the meet schedule is delayed, check in after the meet announcer gives the “first call” for the event. No check-ins will be allowed after the start of the event. Use the southwest fence gate to enter and exit the track infield.
Track Event Check-In
Check in at the bullpen (southwest corner of the track) 25 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the event. Return to the bullpen area 10 minutes prior the start for heat and lane assignments. For events run in lanes, apply lane number to your right hip.
Substitutions are allowed for running events check-in with the bullpen. Substitutions are allowed in the jumping and throwing pits. Please note: the athlete they are subbing for will remain on the results. We will not be re-seeding to correct substitutions in the jumping/throwing pits. In the event of a meet record or state record, please notify me and we will correct the results before publishing the final results.
No additions are allowed at all! PERIOD!!
Track Event Heats
All running events are timed finals. Hand times (unofficial) may be read to finishers at the finish line. The last heat of each event will be the “fast” heat, based on entry times and seeding. All heats for any one division will be combined to determine medal award winners.
Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump and Triple Jump
These events will be conducted in flights of 5 to 7 competitors, each being allowed to take a maximum of 4 attempts.
High Jump
Opening heights are 4’4” for Varsity Girls and 5’2” for Varsity Boys.
Pole Vault
Opening heights are 7’0” for Varsity Girls and 9’6” for Varsity Boys.
We have live on-line results this year. You can visit www.vikingtrackclassic.com on your phone, tablet or laptop. Last year’s results are currently posted.
Printed results will be posted on the shed near the bullpen as soon as they are available. Compiled results will posted at http://running.blogs.pressdemocrat.com/ , www.prepcaltrack.com, www.dyestatcal.com and www.vikingtrackclassic.com
Medals to the top 5 overall performers in all Varsity events, including relay teams. Awards will be placed in team envelopes in the press box and will be available for pickup throughout the day.
Field and Track Access
Only participating athletes are allowed inside the fence that borders the track. Coaches, spectators and non-participating athletes will be asked to remain outside the fence. DO NOT disturb officials at the timing station and do not cross into taped-off areas.
All warm-ups need to take place on the baseball field on the North side of the track. No warm-ups will be allowed on the track infield.
Entry Fees
If you have failed to pay your team’s entry fees on time, we certainly understand the mishaps and delays that can occur. We make a poor collection agency, however, and expect delinquent fees to be investigated and taken care of promptly by you, the coach. Your team’s future participation in this meet depends on it.
T-Shirts, Programs and Snack Bar
Viking Track Classic t-shirts are on sale. Meet entries are updated live at http://www.vikingtrackclassic.com
The snack bar will be serving a variety of food and drinks.
Running Events
All running events are timed finals with automatic timing. Hand times may be read to finishers at the finish line. The last heat of each event will be the “fast” heat, based on entry times.
Field Events
Athletes not checked in when the competition begins will be scratched.
Long Jump and Triple Jump
Due to time restraints and limited facilities, minimum entry requirements have been established (see entry form for each event).
Shot Put and Discus Throw
Minimum distance for measuring throws:
Event Varsity Girls Varsity Boys
Shot Put 25 feet 35 feet
Discus 80 feet 100 feet
These events will be conducted in flights of 5 to 7 throwers. Each thrower will be allowed to take a maximum of 4 throws.