Mendocino High’s Erin Thomas and Rincon Valley Middle Schools Rylee Bowen each helped their teams to National Championships in Texas.

2013 USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships
National Shooting Complex, San Antonio, TX

Place, Name, Team, Avg 1K, Time

5k Run 17-18 Division Video of race
1st Karlie Garcia, Buffalo Chips 3:31.3 17:36.09, University of Mississippi freshman
9th Erin Thomas, Buffalo Chips 3:57.4 19:46.96
1st Buffalo Chips 19 pts

Thomas in pink

4k Run 13-14 Division Video of race
1st Marianne Abdalah, Wings of Moon A 3:34.0 14:15.69
19th Rylee Bowen, Buffalo Chips 3:45.9 15:03.41
1st Buffalo Chips 104 pts

Rylee in pink

3k Run 11-12 Division Video of race
1st Devianna Salcedo, McFarland A 3:29.6 10:28.66
40th Kate Bowen, Buffalo Chips 3:47.6 11:22.72

3k Run 11-12 Division Video of race
1st Joseph Waskom, Speed Unlimited 3:13.9 9:41.49
40th Job Skandera, Unattached 3:36.3 10:48.84

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